Carrie Underwood’s 5-Year-Old Son Wrote a Hilarious Christmas List for His Younger Brother

Carrie Underwood's son has some merry and bright—and hilarious ideas up his sleeve.

During the Thursday, Dec.

3 episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Grammy winner shared the Christmas lists her son Isaiah Michael Fisher, 5, wrote for himself and his 23-month-old brother Jacob Bryan Fisher.

"It sounded super sweet when he was doing it," the "Love Wins" singer revealed to host Jimmy Fallon.

"For himself, it was mostly like Spider-Man toys or Spider-Man related things.

And then on Jake's he wrote, 'random boy toys.' Like, the words 'random baby toys.'" Jimmy laughed, "That is the best.

Like, I figured it out.

Random baby toys,...

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