Candace Cameron Bure Says She Felt Lori Loughlin’s “Presence” at Fuller House Finale Taping

Candace Cameron Bure is giving more details of what it was like filming Fuller House once co-star Lori Loughlin exited the show, and explained that her "presence" was felt long after she left.  Last week, Candace showed her fans a sweet note that Lori had sent her while shooting the series finale one year ago. Delivered along with a bouquet of roses, the message read, "Dearest Candace, Congratulations on a great run! Have a fabulous last week.

I love you and miss you."  Candace confirmed it was from Lori while speaking with Entertainment Tonight. "Yes, it was a note from her," she said on Tuesday, Nov.

24. "She sent me flowers and...

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