Brad Pitt Is Just Going to Be Gorgeous Forever, Huh?

The year was 2017, and Brad Pitt was back on the scene promoting a handful of onscreen projects after a tumultuous split from Angelina Jolie.

Not only was he hitting red carpets again, but he was looking damn good while doing it.

Let's just say that I noticed.Cut to two years later and I have yet to feel differently about the 55-year-old actor, who is currently doing press for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood with another eternally handsome A-lister, Leonardo DiCaprio.

The two looked so hot in their recent Esquire spread that it was frankly a little uncomfortable.

And don't get me started on Brad in a tuxedo and bow tie, hamming it up on the red carpet in Cannes.Given Ouatih's July release date, we can plan on seeing a lot more of Brad in the coming months.

He's also starring as an astronaut in the upcoming adventure drama Ad Astra,

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