American Horror Story Season 8’s Title Announced With Some Creepy Af Imagery

After months and months of speculation about what American Horror Story season eight's title would be - many fans placed their bets on something along the lines of a "radioactive" storyline - a late night Comic-Con event on July 19 finally put an end to all the wondering.

Season eight will be titled American Horror Story: Apocalypse, and the imagery is already creepy enough to give us nightmares.Back in June, creator Ryan Murphy revealed that the theme is the long-awaited Murder House/Coven crossover, which will include characters from both seasons and lean in heavily to witches and the occult.

So, how exactly will they connect? Emma Roberts's Madison Montgomery could be the thread (she shares a last name with Charles and Nora from Murder House), but there's also the matter of the Antichrist himself, Michael Langdon.He's the ghastly result of an unholy union between season one's Tate

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