Alice Sebold Memoir Adaptation ‘Lucky’ Dropped After Losing Financing (Exclusive)

“Lucky,” the film project adapted from Alice Sebold’s 1999 memoir toplined by “You” star Victoria Pedretti, has been abandoned, Variety has learned.The movie was dropped after losing its financing months ago, according to a source close to the production.

Pedretti is also no longer involved.In “Lucky,” Sebold depicts being viciously beaten and raped by a stranger during her freshman year at Syracuse University in 1981, and explores how this trauma shaped the rest of her life.

On Wednesday, a New York Times article detailed how executive producer Timothy Mucciante raised concerns about the events in the book and left the project.Anthony Broadwater, the man who is portrayed in her novel (under the fictional name of Gregory Madison) and was convicted with first-degree rape and five other charges in this case, was exonerated on Nov.

24 in New York State Supreme Court.Broadwater spent 16 years in prison and was released in 1998.

Since then,

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