30 Best Celebrity Posters of This Summer

A Margot Robbie Poster

The summer is coming and it’s the right time to make a couple of renewals in your home wall decor. A couple of fresh posters are a great variant as they are bright and make every room, they are located in, look vivid and interesting.

So let’s get to it and consider 30 amazing variants of celebrity posters, which will be ideal decorations for your home, office or any other place you want to use them at.

Kate Upton Posters

Kate Upton Poster

A Kate Upton Poster

It’s not a secret that Kate Upton is considered to be one of the hottest models at the moment. Her photos, taken during advertising campaigns and magazines shootings, are a great option for the beauty lovers. Moreover, Upton is also an actress and so, you may also pay attention to the posters of movies with her participation.

Taylor Swift Posters

Taylor Swift Poster

A Taylor Swift Poster

In fact, it’s impossible to count all the Taylor Swift’s fans. The singer is extremely popular and it’s not strange that her posters are always at the peak of popularity. The singer has taken part in various photo sessions lately and so, it’s the right time to decorate the wall with a new photo of your idol.

Alex Morgan Posters

Alex Morgan Poster

An Alex Morgan Poster

Alex Morgan is one of the most well-known female soccer players. She is the gold medalist of the Olympic Games and the winner of FIFA Women’s World Cup. A print, featuring Alex, may serve as a great motivational tool for beginning sportsmen. There are no doubts that she is a great example to follow.

Jennifer Aniston Posters

Jennifer Aniston Poster

A Jennifer Aniston Poster

Honestly, we think that Jennifer Aniston prints are timeless. The celebrity looks so cool now that even her old photos look like they were made recently. Jen is a great example of how a woman must look. And, of course, Aniston is a talented actress, whose fans cover their room walls with her best photos and movie posters.

Janet Jackson Posters

Janet Jackson Poster

A Janet Jackson Poster

Janet Jackson isn’t just a legendary singer. She is also a strong woman, who inspires many of us. Having given birth to her firstborn at 50, she proves to be a real heroine. Though, we haven’t heard her new hits for a while, we still enjoy her past singles. Janet’s photos will be also popular this summer and any other one as she is a legend.

Ben Howard Posters

Ben Howard Poster

A Ben Howard Poster

Ben Howard rose to fame in 2011 after releasing his debut album “Every Kingdom”. At the moment, the English singer isn’t very popular in the USA, but we are sure that this situation will change soon. You will definitely want to buy a print of this talented musician after listening to a couple of his songs.

Selena Gomez Posters

Selena Gomez Poster

A Selena Gomez Poster

Needless to say, Selena Gomez isn’t just popular, she is a real star for millions of people around the world. The sales of prints with her photos rose at the start of her music career and are still the best-sellers. We think that the singer’s secret is that she isn’t just a beautiful girl but also a talented singer and a kind person.

Angelina Jolie Posters

Angelina Jolie Poster

An Angelina Jolie Poster

Unfortunately, we rarely see Angelina Jolie on the silver screen lately. And so, in order to compensate that, you can buy an Angelina Jolie print, featuring her personal photos or a poster to one of her movies. So, there were much negative news about the actress because of her divorce with Brad Pitt, we still love her and consider her being an amazing woman.

Mila Kunis Posters

Mila Kunis Poster

A Mila Kunis Poster

Mila Kunis, who rose to fame after starring in “Black Swan”, isn’t just a talented actress but also a wife of Ashton Kutcher and a mother of two kids. In addition to Mila’s prints, you can also acquire the posters to her latest projects, including “Jupiter Ascending” and “Bad Moms”.

Tom Brady Posters

Tom Brady Poster

A Tom Brady Poster

Tom Brady got to the history of football. He is the only quarterback, who won 5 Super Bowls playing for one team. This is a great achievement and so it’s one of the reasons to place Tom’s photo as wall decoration. The other reason is that he is extremely hot. In addition, you can buy the prints featuring Tom and his wife, Gisele Bundchen.

Katy Perry Posters

Katy Perry Poster

A Katy Perry Poster

For sure, Katy Perry always knows how to surprise the public. Her bright and extravagant looks are constantly commented on the net. Though sometimes she may look rather weird, we respect Katy for her creativeness and self-expression. The posters with her unusual looks at the red carpets are the most beautiful, but portraits are also great.

Luke Bryan Posters

Luke Bryan Poster

A Luke Bryan Poster

Luke Bryan is one of the most successful country singers with more than 7 million albums sold. As he doesn’t only sings well but is also a handsome man, who is an idol for many girls, his photos decorate many female rooms around the country and abroad.

Britney Spears Posters

Britney Spears Poster

A Britney Spears Poster

Britney Spears is at the peak of popularity again. She releases amazing hits and looks great. That’s why, the singer’s fans can start to decorate their rooms with her photos again, looking forward to listening to her new singles and watching new music videos.

Margot Robbie Posters

Margot Robbie Poster

A Margot Robbie Poster

Margot Robbie attracted the worldwide attention after playing in “The Wolf of Wall Street” and became a real star after portraying Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad”. In 2017, she got to the list of the most influential people of the year. And we say nothing about Robbie’s excellent appearance. Her print will definitely add beauty even to the dullest room.

Nick Jonas Posters

A Nick Jonas Poster

A Nick Jonas Poster

Nick Jonas gained the mass recognition being one of the members of Jonas Brothers band. Though the band split, Nick started a successful solo career. Moreover, he is an actor and producer. If you are a fan of one of Nick’s talents, his prints are for you.

Scarlett Johansson Posters

Scarlett Johansson Poster

A Scarlett Johansson Poster

Clearly, Scarlett Johansson doesn’t need to be introduced. She is a wonderful example of how beauty can be combined with talent. The actress’ posters are bought not only by her fans but also by the ones of Marvel Comics as she plays Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Clint Eastwood Posters

Clint Eastwood Poster

A Clint Eastwood Poster

Want to decorate the wall with the photo of someone legendary? What about Clint Eastwood? This person deserves more than respect. In the majority of cases, people prefer the posters, featuring the actor playing his most famous roles, for instance in “Man with No Name”.

Hannah Davis Posters

Hannah Davis Poster

A Hannah Davis Poster

Hannah Jeter (nee Davis) is most known for her appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. That’s why, almost all her photos for sale are sexy and are surely adored by the majority of men. The prints featuring her aren’t on the mass market and so, you have an opportunity to get something unique.

Aly Raisman Posters

Alexandra Raisman Poster

An Alexandra Raisman Poster

Americans can be proud of gymnast Alexandra “Aly” Raisman. The girl got gold medals at Olympic Games in 2012 and 2016. Moreover, she was a member of the national team at World Championships in 2011 and 2015, where she also won gold. Her prints are a great way to motivate young athletes.

Arianny Celeste Posters

Arianny Celeste Poster

An Arianny Celeste Poster

One more hottie on our list is Arianny Celeste. She is a ring girl for the UFC, a model and a former co-host of “Overhaulin’” TV show. She appeared on the covers and pages of many magazines, including Playboy. If you like to decorate the walls with the images of hot women, the photo of Arianny is a good choice.

Theo James Posters

Theo James Poster

A Theo James Poster

The star of “Divergent” and “Underworld” film series is a dream boy for many girls. The prints with Theo James already decorate many girls’ rooms around the world and the tendency will continue as more and more photos of the actor appear for sale.

Blake Lively Posters

Blake Lively Poster

A Blake Lively Poster

Initially, the prints of Blake Lively for sale were related to her role in “Gossip Girl”, which made her a real star. However, now the actress is treated independently and the majority of posters sold feature her portraits, public appearances and photo shoots.

Cara Delevingne Posters

Cara Delevingne Poster

A Cara Delevingne Poster

Though Cara Delevingne started her career as model, she doesn’t stop at this and works on self-development. She tries her hand at acting and singing. A print of Cara isn’t just a beautiful wall decoration but also an inspirational tool for many girls.

Tom Hiddleston Posters

Tom Hiddleston Poster

A Tom Hiddleston Poster

Unfortunately, when we talk about Tom Hiddleston, we immediately start to associate him with his role of Loki, a villain from “Thor”. The posters of Loki are great for all Marvel fans. However, this actor deserves more attention as he is very talented and has other cool roles.

Kendall Jenner Posters

Kendall Jenner Poster

A Kendall Jenner Poster

Kendall Jenner got famous thanks to “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” show. The model takes part in many ad campaigns and that’s why she gains popularity with every single day. Of course, a print of such an attractive girl is an amazing way to decorate the room.

Alexandra Daddario Posters

Alexandra Daddario Poster

An Alexandra Daddario Poster

Frankly, we think that after the release of “Baywatch”, the prints with Alexandra Daddario will become the best sellers. However, let’s not forget that the actress also starred in other cool movies, for instance, the posters of “San Andreas” are also great.

Kylie Jenner Posters

Kylie Jenner Poster

A Kylie Jenner Poster

One more representative of the Kardashians is on our list. Kylie Jenner attracts much attention recently and it’s not strange that her prints are pretty popular. Maybe, the reason for such popularity is that the celebrity posts many provocative and hot photos on her Instagram.

Adam Levine Posters

Adam Levine Poster

An Adam Levine Poster

We all know how popular the photo of naked Adam Levine was. However, we’d like to recommend you to give preference to newer prints as the singer gets more attractive in the course of years and there is no need to buy his old prints.

Tianna Gregory Posters

Tianna Gregory Poster

A Tianna Gregory Poster

Tianna Gregory is known for her sexy photos. She is an Instagram star and we all know that this social network sets trends. So, very soon the prints with Tianna will be very popular and you can be one of those people, who get them first.

Hope Solo Posters

Hope Solo Poster

A Hope Solo Poster

One more athlete on our list is Hope Solo. The soccer player is two-time Olympic gold medalist and World Cup Champion. Like her colleague, Alex Morgan, Hope inspires young girls to do sports and achieve incredible results.

Of course, the choice is yours. Now you know what posters will be popular this summer and are free to choose the most suitable one for you. Moreover, the selection of celebrity prints is much wider and you can just acquire the one, featuring your idol.

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