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Zinnia Kumar, born and raised in Australia to her parents from India. Is a published scientist, in the fields of Human Evolutionary Biology (Human Attraction), graduating with 1st Class honors from University Of New South Wales, Australia in Ecology, with her first paper being published by the Royal Society Of Science from which she received good press Internationally. Shortly after university Zinnia was nominated by the Australian Government as an ambassador of Virtue - travelling to Thailand, India and across Asia teaching English to disadvantaged children and meeting with diplomats and education ministers to discuss strategies for improving education. Zinnia is also a motivational public speaker talk on on topics such as self confidence, social phobias and truth seeking within the various aspects of beauty and its forms or skewed portrayals within media. Zinnia's debut is due in the upcoming Hollywood Blockbuster Wonder Woman. Zinnia is also an established fashion models signed to WME IMG Models. read more

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