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Ozder began studying piano when she was 8 years old, and cello when she was 14 years old with Filiz Kara in Ankara Anatolian Fine Arts High School. She continued her cello lessons with Sinasi Cilden, a member of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. During her high school education she performed in festivals and competitions in many countries including France, Poland and Kazakhstan. After graduating from high school, she was accepted to Bilkent University Cello Department with full scholarship and continued her studies with Prof. Muharrem Denizi, a member of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. She later studied with Kara Aliyev, also a member of the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. During her education she performed in numerous recital, chamber music concerts and took place in Bilkent Youth Symphony Orchestra. She participated in Santa Cecilia Conservatory faculty member Prof. Arturo Bonucci's workshop in Italy and German orchestra conductor and cellist Roderic Von Bennigsen's workshop in UK. read more

She also played as a cellist in Orchestre Symphonique des Jeunesses Musicales de Suisse and also performed in chamber music concerts in Switzerland. She participated in a masterclass in chamber music by Apple Hill Chamber Players in February 2002. Ozder graduated from Bilkent University in 2004 and performed in several concerts as a contract cellist between 2005 and 2007 in the Presidential Symphony Orchestra. After working with Erdogan Davran, Chairman of Ankara State Opera and Ballet, Ozder began her master's education in Gazi University. During her master's studies with Associate Professor Sebnem Orhan, she participated in many concerts with Gazi University Academic Chamber Orchestra. After graduating in 2009, she gave piano and cello lessons in Durul Gence School. She performed in a concert with Tekfen Philarmonic Orchestra in 2011.Interested in acting, Ozder participated in a theatre workshop of TOBAV in Ankara during high school. After completing her master's degree, she joined the cast of Turkey's acclaimed TV series Samanyolu on ATV. She played Maya in the highly popular TV series Adanali on ATV and a major role in the movie "Bir Avuc Deniz". In 2011, she attended workshops in Stella Adler Studio of Acting. She played Pelin in the movie "Sen Kimsin" and in TV drama "Koyu Kirmizi" on Star TV. Before this project she worked on acting with Ipek Bilgin.in Marmara University in September 2012 and continues her cello studies with Prof. Sevil Gokdag, faculty member in Istanbul University Kadikoy Conservatory.

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