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Zenia Marshall was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. The 18 year old actress/singer/dancer/musician comes from an artistic family of performers. As an infant, Zenia would sing along to the songs she'd hear on the radio from the comfort of her car seat before she could even walk or talk. Some of her earliest memories were of her family performing on stage together. Ever since she first saw her mom singing and performing, she knew that she wanted to follow in her footsteps.Her first steps towards her love of the stage began when she was just 4 years old as she began taking dance lessons from ballet to jazz, contemporary, and hip hop. Inspired by her musical family to pursue a career in music, Zenia also practised singing with her mom and vocal coaches, began writing songs, took piano lessons, and played alto saxophone after joining her school band class.After a childhood filled with dance recitals in animal costumes, at age 14, she was asked by her dance studio to perform a short variation of Swan Lake for the pilot episode of the TV series, Some Assembly Required. read more

Falling in love with the magic of film that surrounded her that day, she was instantly bitten by the acting bug and enrolled in acting classes as soon as she could. With acting thrown in with her love of music and dance, she was naturally encouraged to take her talents to the theatre stage.Today, she has toured and performed with her mom, Luisa Marshall, in her award-winning and internationally-acclaimed Tina Turner Tribute act all over North America, Bermuda, Malaysia, and India as a backup vocalist, alongside her dad, Steve, on drums and her sister, Kim, on lead guitar. She also appears on her mother's TV Talk Show "Simply the Best - The Luisa Marshall Show" for beauty and makeup tutorials. On stage, Zenia has appeared as Buffy in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Musical", Maiden Marian in "Robin Hood, The Musical", and Debbie in Opera Mariposa's "People Like Us". As co-musical director and co-choreographer, she starred as Belle in "Beauty & The Beast, The New Musical". Zenia has made her acting debut on screen as supporting lead to 80's pop star princess, Debbie Gibson, in the movie "Summer of Dreams". Watch out for her in the upcoming original UP TV series "Date My Dad" as she plays one of the lead actors as Mirabel Cooper alongside 7th Heaven's Barry Watson and the legendary actress Raquel Welch.

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