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Zdenek Sverak posters


March 28, 1936

Birth Sign




As a result of being a dedicated Czech language teacher, Mr. Svìrák had little time for his creative writing. However, he soon opted to write articles for magazines, short stories for the youth, and TV screenplays. He also worked in the Czechoslavakian Radio on an entertainment program. In 1966, Mr Svìrák co-founded "The Theater of Jára Cimrman", a theater dedicated to the research of life and death of the newly discovered Czech genius. The theater exist to the present day, having produced twelve plays about this fictious hero that many believe in his existence. Since his first breakthrough into the entertainment business in the sixties Zdenìk Svìrák wrote numerous screenplays, an appeared manz times on both, the silver and the TV screens.

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