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5' 9½" (1.77 m)


Zane is an American Film and TV actor most known for his roles as Tony in the hit CW TV show The Vampire Diaries and Frankie in The Internship. He was born in Atlanta, GA to a builder/developer (father) and a school teacher (mother). He has 1 sister and 3 nieces and 2 nephews. All growing up, Zane was active in sports but towards the end of high school he decided he wanted to move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. About a year after moving, he was invited to join SAG through a one liner he had in the movie Privileged. Some time later, he took some time off to attend college. Then, three months after graduation, he booked the role of Tony on The Vampire Diaries. Zane now lives in Atlanta with his family and is an acting coach at The Zane Stephens Studio.

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