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Zane Casablanca posters


Birth Sign


6' 1" (1.85 m)


Zane Casablanca was born in Morocco, where he was raised in the city of Casablanca until the age of eighteen, when his father moved the entire family to New York. At the age of twenty, Zane joined Columbia University where he majored in political science, and graduated with honors. Upon His graduation form Colombia university, Zane landed great Job at the United Nations where he spent several years traveling the world as a UN Interpreter, and a Middle East liaison officer. After the unfortunate tragic terrorist attack in New York, Zane was approached by an elite section from( D.O.D) Department of defense He was immediately recruited as an officer due to his ethnic background and his multilingual abilities. He underwent intensive training at a Government Special training center. This was quiet a contrast to Zane's normal life, living in New York and traveling the world as a united nations representative. Upon completion of his training, Zane was abruptly deployed to Camp Cobra in Baghdad. read more

While in Iraq, Zane was embedded with a small squad of US marines belonging to an Elite sector of the D.O.D under the supervision of the (NSC) National security council, and thus the president. He was to serve as their intelligence Officer. The day to day activities of this unit is to gather intelligence, locate terrorists safe houses, conduct raids, detain and interrogate the culprits that were wrecking havoc in Iraq. Zane was in the front lines of the most ominous and confusing situations...He was nicknamed "The General" due to his utter confidence and take-charge attitude. After serving seven long and honorable missions in Iraq, he was deployed to Afghanistan where he sustained several injuries. Zane returned to New York and resigned from the D.O.D due to his injuries. He then was offered a position with the (NSA) National security agency where he spent five more serving as chief intelligence examiner and language specialist. Zane Spent two years studying acting At the Stella Adler studio In New York City, he then moved to Los Angeles and launched a prestigious Intelligence firm catering only to government agencies. While on his first audition in Los Angeles, casting directors Sharon Bialy and Sherry Thomas introduced Zane to Director David Mamet who gave Zane his first break hence leading to his prime time television debut where he guest-starred as the Arab arms dealer in "The Unit", opposite Dennis Haysbert.

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