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5' 2" (1.57 m)


Zak Sutcliffe was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire to parents Shaun sutcliffe, a builder and his mother Ursula Sutcliffe, an early years practitioner. He is the fifth child of six brothers and sisters.As a youngster he enjoyed lot's of different activities such as street dance, karate, gymnastics and free running. It was in high school where he discovered acting and quickly found a school that catered for film acting training. Zak quickly fell in love with acting and knew he had found the right path for him.In October 2013 he started classes at the Yorkshire school of acting in Bradford.After only attending his first two classes Zak auditioned and was cast in a short university film, of which he is said to have found the experience, invaluable training.Lot's of auditions quickly came for Zak and then in (2014) he was cast in Sacha Baron Cohen new movie, Grimsby, where he traveled to South Africa for four weeks to play Sachas son, Luke. Again, Zak showed impressive work for a boy of his age especially when able to put his improv work to the test. read more

Six months after finishing filming for Grimsby, Zak was cast as Peter Pan for a television film, Peter and Wendy, This was Zak's first lead role.many auditions and work continue to come his way while in between he continues his training and is now working towards his LAMDA exams.

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