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Zak Knutson posters


January 4, 1974

Birth Sign



6' 4" (1.93 m)


Zak Knutson is an producer/writer/director/editor/actor based out of Los Angeles.In 2005 he co-founded Chop Shop Entertainment, a filmed entertainment company that supplies added value materials to all of the major studios, and a large number of independents. Chop Shop Entertainment has supplied more movie based content for the internet than any other company in the industry.Zak Knutson spent the summer of 2010 in Mexico City filming Get the Gringo, starring Mel Gibson.Zak currently working on numerous projects on both sides of the camera.Chop Shop Ent. has a much awaited documentary project that will be announced in 2012. Zak and his creative partner, Joey Figueroa, will be producing, writing, and directing. Zak tends to edit all of Chop Shop's feature projects.

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