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Zack Abramowitz posters


September 15, 1983

Birth Sign



6' 2" (1.88 m)


Zack Abramowitz was born Zachary Scott Abramowitz in Brooklyn, New York in 1983. As a teenager he attended James Madison High School and started acting in school productions. Attending CUNY Hunter in Manhattan to study Theater, he trained under Bill Walters, Mira Felner and Barbara Bosch, performing in plays such as The Pillowman. During his time at Hunter he also became a consummate student and performer of improvisation at Chicago City Limits and the Upright Citizens Brigade. Even more significant in 2003 was his introduction to the Caymichael Patten Studio. There, under the tutelage and strong leadership of Caymichael Patten, Elyse Knight, and Heather Loschiavo he became an avid student, honing his craft and gaining experience in all facets of acting, both artistically and on the business end as well.From this Zack branched off into independent productions both in the theater and on film. Whether it's abstract theater (4.48 Psychosis), improv comedy (The Art of the Pick-up), surrealism (Harold Maxx) or science fiction (Amazing Fantasy), he has attempted various styles of drama and comedy on both stage and screen. read more

In 2005 he went as part of a traveling theater group with CUNY to China and performed A Dream Play for the Beijing Academy of Drama in front of an audience of a thousand people to much acclaim. After graduating in 2005, Zack continued with film and theater work such as Guardians, a blistering attack on torture, in which he plays one of two leads performing monologues, to the film comedy How to Lose in the Game of Life. To date, he has performed in several prestigious NYC theaters such as Primary Stages, Manhattan Theatre Source, Dramatist's Guild, the Flea, the Magnet, Upright Citizen's Brigade, and the Danny Kaye Playhouse. He has trained with various Casting Directors in NYC such as Paul Schnee of Barden/Schnee Casting, Alaine Alldaffer of Playwrights Horizons, Marci Phillips of ABC and Katja Blichfeld of NBC.Early on in his film career, after being part of projects that never got finished, Zack decided to take the power into his own hands and became a self-taught filmmaker with the help of some friends. In 2007 Zack made his web-series debut with Zack and Michael. Not only did he create and star in this show, but he was also writer, director, and producer. Previously he had written and directed a short film while at CUNY, but for this his ambitions were rewarded. 13 episodes chronicle the "saga" of two aspiring actors, Zack and Michael of the title, and try to break into the industry by way of a reality show filming their every crazy move. The pilot episode, a Star Wars fan film parody, screened at both the Pilot Lite and Big Apple Con Film Festivals in 2008, and the videos have garnered tens of thousands of views on YouTube since.Zack also directed, produced and starred in a short documentary on The Dark Knight, a tribute with interviews of fans on Halloween night in 2008 on the streets of New York, co-starred in another comedic web-series titled Losers (which he also writes for), directed the viral video Kyle Sands: Raptor Hunter, can be seen in the upcoming feature films The Bastard Men of Root Flats, a steampunk western, and the dark feature comedy The Mel Klein Diaries. He also recently produced and starred in 'Jealous Jerzy', a short for Jack Gattanella, and continues his collaboration with Mr. Gattanella with their co-production "Lines of Glory", which made the rounds at festivals domestic and abroad. Most recently he has produced the new "LOSERS" comedy sci-fi television pilot to shop around to networks, and "Nightwing: Escalation," a fan-made web series based on the DC comics character, which is now in production on it's third and final season.Aside from the current TV pilot "LOSERS" (2015) which he produced, Zack has contributed his acting talents to a new TV show/web series entitled "Flicks," executive produced by "LOSERS" Cinematographer Bobby Sansivero, a show that was originally green-lit by FX Networks about four filmmakers trying to make it in the film business. Zack portrays a wild porn director who hires the Flicks crew on the spot, and stands by it as one of his funniest performances on camera to date.In 2015 he wrapped his work on "Wild Men", a found footage comedy about a reality show searching for Bigfoot proof once and for all. Zack played the lead, Dick Heffelfinger, Captain of the show, and touts it as the best thing he's ever been a part of so far. Currently the movie is heading for the film festival circuit to seek distribution.After 15 years of professional acting and training, Zack continues to surround himself with inspired artists who share a passion to create exemplary art when it comes to Television, Theater and Film.

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