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Zachariah Supka posters


May 8, 2003

Birth Sign



6' 3" (1.91 m)


Zachariah began his acting career at 6 months of age on stage with Starcreations Theater. He has performed in over one hundred productions, ranging from musical theater and drama to comedy. Zachariah made the jump to film at age five as a featured background actor in the Adam Sandler film "Grown Ups".Zachariah's role as young Christian Bale in the award winning "American Hustle" (2013) is perhaps his most recognized role to date. He loves the passion of the film festival circuit, and has starred in many indie and student produced films including "Year by the Sea", "Tumbledown", "All Systems Go", "Futureproof", "The Rose", "Inferno", "The Race". "Mascots Need Not Apply" , "Celebrity Pet Switch", and "Stella". A love of horror involved him in "Academy" and "The Darkest Risk".The tallest kid in Hollywood, Zachariah has enjoyed character roles that show off his height, strength, and athletic ability. Whether playing basketball in "Untitled Identity Crisis Film" or a cyclops in "Percy Jackson Web Series", standing over 6'3", Zachariah is larger than life. read more

In addition to theater and film, Zachariah has enjoyed acting in several television and web shows; and is a principal actor in an educational, comedy TV series.

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