Sylvie Nlandu is an artist, photographer and entrepreneur from the Congo. She captures the beauty of the African continent through vibrant, striking photographs, creating a visual statement and capturing the essence of the land. Her images express her love for the continent and its culture and are an expression of her inner creative vision. She has been featured in galleries and museums around the world, from the USA to Europe, to the Caribbean and beyond. Her captivating work has earned her an international following and her posters are now available for purchase. Celebrate Africa's unique beauty, vibrancy and culture with a stunning Sylvie Nlandu poster! Add a captivating, eye-catching artwork to any space and share your appreciation for Africa in a beautiful way. Transform any room into a stunning art gallery with a Sylvie Nlandu poster - perfect for brightening up a living room, office or classroom. Enhance cold walls with vibrant colour, while adding a meaningful statement of expression and respect for the continent. Visit her website now and explore the range of vivid prints available.