Sasha Zyablitskaya is a formidable Russian artist who has been working for more than 20 years to create unique interpretations of her current environment. Her works have been seen across Russia and other countries, from Moscow to Berlin, from Czech Republic to Los Angeles. She is noted for combining modern analytical aesthetics with elements of graffito, collage, photography and sculpture. She sees every subject for what it is and finds the creative translation within it. With her ambition to break the city’s monotony with colorful designs, she turns urban settings into bright pieces of art. Capture the energy of Sasha’s artwork in your home with posters and prints of her inspiring, vibrant designs. Each item carries all the vibrant elements of her art, inspiring creativity and making your walls a true reflection of her signature style. Buy your favorite posters today, and let the works of Sasha Zyablitskaya add visual interest and flair to your home.