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Ryan Buell posters


July 8, 1982

Birth Sign



6' 1½" (1.87 m)


Ryan Buell was raised in Sumter, South Carolina by his mother, Shelly, who owns her own CPA business. Ryan's father, Tim, is a state police officer in Pennsylvania.Buell was editor of his high school paper, and also participated in school plays and the debate team. With schoolmate, Rebecca Pointe, Ryan also formed and produced a daily news program for the school which aired in the mornings.Buell attends Penn State University where he earned a bachelor's degree in Journalism. At 19, he formed the prestigious Paranormal Research Society which has become known throughout the nation. Paranormal Research Society also has its own show which is being produced by Go Go Luckey Productions for the A&E network, to which Buell is a consulting producer for.Buell, now 25, just finished writing his first novel and is also helping to develop another paranormal-related show, this one a scripted drama. He is re-enrolled in Penn State to earn a degree in Anthropology and has plans for grad school.He frequently visits South Carolina and constantly travels around the nation, particularly the beaches. read more

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