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Rosa Krystle Rose posters


Birth Sign



Rosa Krystle Rose is an American/Puerto Rican actress, born in Brooklyn, NY. Rosa went from swimsuit modeling in Puerto Rico to film and television in NYC. She was one of the Silk Dolls in the Classic Uncle Floyd Show (1994). Rosa is best known for Golden Boy (2013), Blanco (2013), Law & Order SVU (2013-2014), Brother's Keeper (2013), The Blacklist (2013-2014), The Michael J. Fox Show (2014), Donny! (2015), Model Woman (2016), The Jim Gaffigan Show (2015), The Get Down (2016). Her friends refer to her as BB short for BalconyBeauty. Her actress name Rosa Krystle Rose is an homage to her 9 year old Angelic tot in heaven, Krystle Rose. Rosa's goal is to make her Daughter's name a household name. She receives no greater gift on any given day then to hear her Daughter's name and she is well on her way. You never know where this stardom bound, hazel eyed beauty will pop up.

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