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Rina Nath was born in a small quaint town, 95 miles northwest of London, England. She trained at The Royal Ballet School in London from the age of six and has participated in many classical performances till her teens. Over the years, Nath developed a deep love and admiration for the Performing Arts thus deciding to pursue and study the craft. Nath graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a B.A. in Theatre Arts and is also a G.I.A. Graduate Gemologist.In addition to having a Theatre Arts background, Rina Nath has also studied at The Groundlings, with Brian Reise and with Mr. Howard Fine; one of the few elite, respected acting experts in the industry who have devoted their primary career to perfecting the teaching and coaching of many professional actors. Nath continues to train to fine tune her skills and improve her booking ability.In between beats, she continues express and remains creative by writing (http://www.rinanath.com/) and also volunteers her time with the Screen Actors Guild. read more

Before making the decision to become an Actor, Rina Nath spent over 15 years in Corporate America. Shortly after graduating Cal State Long Beach, she served as a key member of a top-tier performing private client wealth management group for Goldman Sachs and operated from their Beverly Hills headquarters. From there, Nath went on to work as an Operations lead at a high-end luxury jewelry store and served as an integral part of the buying office. Nath was given increased responsibility during her 8-year tenure and managed both inventory and the repair department, supporting two large retail locations. Nath has also helped launch several interesting start-ups; GovX.com, an e-commerce platform dedicated to the U.S. Armed Forces and related government agencies, and also a crowd sourcing platform which hosts Elon Musks concept, The Hyperloop.

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