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Richard Ulfsäter posters


September 1, 1975

Birth Sign



5' 10½" (1.79 m)


Richard Ulfsäter was born in Helsingborg, southern Sweden. Immediately after birth his parents moved to London, England. Richard attended school in Surrey and at the age of fifteen returned to Sweden for the last years of A-level studies. After graduating, Richard spent one year in Munich, Germany, learning German and one year in Toulouse, France, learning French. He is fluent in Swedish, English (RP), French and German. During his years abroad Richard developed an interest in performing arts and decided to go to drama school. Having graduated from 'Scenstudion' in Stockholm, lead by Matthew Allen from the Neighbourhood Playhouse NY, he began getting work in TV and film. His breakthrough came with the comedy series Playa Del Sol (2007) and the feature film Darling (2007), voted 2010 for best film since the millennium shift. Richard resides in Stockholm and London.

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