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Rebekah Cook is an actress, coach, casting director, and script supervisor who has been serving the independent film industry since 2009. Born overseas and educated at home with her four siblings, she lived in Spain for over nineteen years before moving stateside to pursue screen acting.Since her start apprenticing with Advent Film Group, she has worked in eleven different states as cast and/or crew for independent film productions, the first of which was "Alone Yet Not Alone." Her first lead role was as Virginia Page for "In His Steps," a modern adaptation of the acclaimed 19th century novel by the same title.Participating in the casting and production process from both sides has cross-trained her skills, giving her unique insights into the industry. As her schedule allows, she mentors other rising talent through workshops, webinars, and individual coaching online. Both on and off of film sets, her heartfelt calling is to share God's extravagant love with those around her.

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