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EMMY® Award Winning Cinematographer, Ramy Romany, resides in Los Angeles, California and has produced, directed and shot documentaries and TV Shows for more than decade.Born in Cairo, Egypt, into a documentary-producing family, he was given the opportunity to develop and finely craft his impressive array of skills on film sets located on Ancient Egyptian ruins, gaining experience in the many aspects of film-making from an early age.He has produced, directed, filmed and starred over a hundred Documentaries on Ancient Egypt before the age of 20 for a variety of international networks such as Discovery, History and National Geographic.After years of filming documentaries on Ancient Egypt, political circumstances led him to flee his home and relocate to Los Angeles, CA where he lives with his wife and their three children, and is continually inspired by Los Angeles' diversity.This move provided Mr. Romany, already well known in Egypt for his expertise in film production, with a new network of contacts, projects and opportunities to further showcase and expand his abilities. read more

Due to enthusiastic recognition and demand for his unique experiential background and years of working in the movie industry, he was contacted, and secured, positions which enabled him to travel the world filming documentaries, commercials and popular TV shows.In 2013, before the age of 30, Ramy was nominated for two EMMY® Awards for his cinematography work on 2 different documentaries he filmed in Mexico and the Dominican Republic, and was honored to win an EMMY® for Best Cinematography on a topical documentary. In 2015 he was awarded an EMMY for outstanding cinematography on a documentary for his work on "Visioneer". In 2016, he was awarded 2 Emmy awards for producing and doing the cinematography on the documentary "Return to Esperanza"

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