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Oliver Lansley posters


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Oliver Lansley was born in 1981. He initially found fame as a writer,being a Royal Court Young Writer,author of the one man show The Germinator,a past winner of 4Talent's Multi-Talented Award and Broadcast Hotshot in 2008. He also devised and appeared in ITV2's well-received series FM and co-wrote the Alan Davies sitcom 'Whites',in which he took a supporting role. In 2001 he founded the theatre company Les Enfants Terribles,creating original pieces which have toured Britain and abroad to acclaim. In 2012 however he took his biggest role in front of the television camera as the late comedian Kenny Everett in the show 'Best Possible Taste'. The producers had auditioned several actors but in vain by the time they saw Oliver but realised that they had their perfect leading man and,after seeing the finished result, critics and audiences agreed.

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