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Oliver Jungwirth was born in the summer of 79 in a small town somewhere in Lower Austria. He started writing short stories and poems around the age of twelve and soon discovered that he was actually not so bad at it. At the age of 20 he began shooting short movies with some friends of his and started a video club called "Kunst-WerkT", where they made NO-Budget-short-movies. Mostly they met, thought up some words, formed those to a loose storyline and then went of looking for a location and shooting the whole thing. Most of the time that was done within one afternoon. It came down to Olivers ability to cut those loose scenes to coherent movies and it was fun for him to see what you could do in the editing process.When he moved to Upper Austria (to study social work) "Kunst-WerkT" was dissolved and a new video-club called "Creators Cup" was founded with some friends he made living in Linz. The first movie they made (while barely knowing each other) was called "Bluadsauga" and was done 2006. read more

In the same year Oliver Jungwirth made another movie with a colleague of his, Barbara Payré. This other movie is called "Zeit/Raum" and deals with the aftermath of losing someone you love because they committed suicide. The movie was hailed by many aggrieved parties as an almost perfect depiction of how it feels to lose someone that way and how to deal with that loss.Having had enough of the serious and rather heavy side of filmmaking, he and his friends at Creators Cup then decided it was time to make a trash-movie. Not just any trash-movie, mind you, but the trash-movie to end all trash-movies. And the title of the movie is "Trash - the (only true) trash-movie". Yes, it is a play with words, mainly because the monster is actually a creature that is made out of trash and kills off people who litter. Sounds weird, but is funny as hell.Up till now he also worked with some people he met and helped in realizing the crime-comedy "Kommissar Taler gegen den Trauner Teufel", mainly acting as script-doctor and dramaturge, but also as production manager. He also wrote some books, three of them are available in german.

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