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Nairisha Batada posters


August 29, 1992

Birth Sign



5' 5" (1.65 m)


Nairisha Batada stars as the newest host on Red Carpet Diary TV covering the Toronto International Film Festival red carpet. Nairisha is known for her work on Vmix on OMNI Television which was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award in 2014, as well as various appearances on Bollywood Boulevard. Nairisha is directing her first documentary titled Komorebi and art directing a second documentary, Post To Paycheque both set to release in 2017.Nairisha is born in Mumbai, India and is of East Indian and Persian descent. Nairisha grew up attending over twelve schools as a child and participating in local theatre productions and performances. She landed her first audition for a Rogers wireless international commercial at 17 years old and got picked up by Ethnic Channels. Since then, Batada has went on to work as the youngest reporter at Rogers Media. Nairisha is looking to break into producing and acting as she completes her Media Production degree at Ryerson University.

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