Michaela Schaffrath is an actress, former glamour model and television presenter from Germany. A master of self-promotion and public relations, she reached national fame in 1997 when she began to appear in television series and magazine covers. She is most known for her work on German television series such as Credited, Sunday Night and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? - which she won in 2003. Her charisma and delight in the limelight won her a legion of devoted fans and media attention, inspiring everyone from adoring fans to paparazzi. Add a little excitement to any room with a Michaela Schaffrath poster! Whether you're looking for something inspirational, vibrant, and trend-worthy, or just something to add a touch of class and power to your home, these posters of Michaela Schaffrath will do the trick. Shop our selection today and experience the awe that only a Michaela Schaffrath can bring to your walls. With a variety of sizes and styles, you're sure to find the perfect poster to make your walls stand out! So let your walls tell the story and buy a Michaela Schaffrath poster today.