Marie Claude Pietragalla is a French dancer and choreographer who began as a ballerina in the National Paris Opera Ballet. With an unwavering virtuosity and quick precision, she went on to become an acclaimed internationally renowned artist. She was quickly appointed Ballet Director of the National Ballet of Nancy and joined Belgium Ballet of Marseille in 2001 as its co-artistic director and choreographer. She worked with famed composers like John Williams and Henri Dutilleux and has been recognized for her work in both resident and touring performances across Europe and beyond. Marie Claude Pietragalla is a pillar of contemporary dance and her poster art is equally attractive and inspiring. Buy Marie Claude Pietragalla posters to light up your home with a classic and timeless flare. These vibrant and beautiful pieces of art commemorate her exquisite talent – a powerful reminder that lives are meant to be lived to their fullest. Whether you're an artist, dancer, or collector, these posters are sure to make an extraordinary statement. Get your hands on Marie Claude Pietragalla posters today and let her work live on in your home!