Maria Antonieta Castillo is an internationally acclaimed graphic designer and illustrator from Spain. She has over 15 years of experience working with product and apparel design, digital illustration, fashion photography, and graphic storytelling. Throughout the years, she has enjoyed creating artwork that inspires, educates and promotes social awareness. Her work is highly praised for its combination of playful creativity, technical skill and bold, vibrant colours. Maria’s art has been featured in magazines, books and museum collections around the world. Bring a touch of Maria Antonieta Castillo’s thought-provoking, vivid and playful designs onto your wall with her posters. Owning a piece of her world-renowned artwork is a highly rewarding investment and will add an adventure of colours to your home. Maria’s posters will spark conversations, fill your walls with vibrancy and make your house a reflection of your imagination and dreamscapes. Buy one of her posters today and become part of Maria's vibrant and colourful world.