LL Cool J (born James Todd Smith) is a rap legend and actor, who has been active in the music and entertainment industry for almost four decades. As one of the most influential pioneers of hip-hop, he is often cited as a major influence by many of today’s top rappers. Starting his career with his first Grammy-winning album "Radio" back in 1985, LL Cool J has released 12 studio albums, scored numerous hit singles, and even racked up a few acting awards. He is a legend in his own right, having achieved international recognition and success while still retaining his street cred. LL Cool J posters capture his essence in an iconic way, making them a must-have for any rap fan or collector. Whether you’re into the vintage LL look of the 80s or 90s, or the more polished present-day version, there are LL Cool J posters to suit every taste. Get a limited edition poster of the rap icon and elevate your collection with a statement piece. An LL Cool J poster is an easy way to add instant style to any wall.