. Kyle Lowder is a multi-talented American actor and television director. He is best known for his roles as Brady Black on NBC's daytime soap opera as well as Rick Forrester on the CBS soap opera. Lowder first gained recognition as a teen actor, appearing in television commercials, before becoming a leading role in several long-running television series. He has also directed, written and produced a number of television projects. His 2012 directing debut in the post-apocalyptic film "The Wastelander" earned him critical acclaim. Lowder's powerful acting range, coupled with his incredible ability to captivate viewers has made him a star. For those seeking to commemorate an iconic actor, there is no better way than by purchasing a poster of Kyle Lowder. His range of emotion and skill as an actor and director make for a perfect memory on your wall. And with a selection of posters in different styles and colors, you can add a touch of drama and flair to your home. Get a poster of Kyle Lowder today to celebrate the amazing talent and contributions he has made to the entertainment industry and honor the memory of this great icon.