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Jamie Anderson is a comedy writer, director, actress, and producer, living in Los Angeles since she was nineteen. Having grown up in Gulfport, Mississippi, and then Orlando, Florida, her work is inspired by the Redneck Riviera, as well as her life in Hollywood, both of which are a wealth of material that guarantees she'll never run out of something to write about.After a successful acting career in film and television, Jamie was mentored as a writer by some of the best comedic voices working today. The first sitcom pilot she wrote garnered such acclaim that it led to her first feature option to Radar Pictures. Her next pilot, "Pushing 40", now titled "Pumas", was a top five finalist in the prestigious TrackingB script competition. She followed it up with the feature "You Be You", a comedy set in the Deep South, which won her a fellowship to the esteemed Rocaberti Writers Retreat in Barcelona, Spain.Jamie has a period comedy feature in development at Broken Road Productions, as well as a female-driven comedy feature in development at Patriot Pictures. read more

Recently, she made her directorial debut with her dark comedy short film, "Punching Bag".

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