Jacki-O is an American rap artist and songwriter who embraces positivity and empowerment in her lyrics. Her hard-hitting raps and catchy melodies earned her legions of fans. Born in 1978, the Miami-born rapper has released eight albums and numerous hit singles, including 'Nookie' and 'Sugar Walls'. She's also been featured in magazines such as GQ and had her music featured in major films and commercials. For Jacki-O, her music isn't just about her success, but about inspiring her fans to find their own strength in life. If you are a fan of Jacki-O and want to add a little bit of her inspiring spirit to your walls, then grab your Jacki-O poster and help spread her message of positivity around. Her classic image with her signature braids and big sunglasses will be a stylish addition to any wall. Put up your Jacki-O poster and show everyone that you stand for what she stands for - empowerment and strength. Make your walls one of motivation with a Jacki-O poster today.