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Brooklyn native Iyana Halley is an actress to keep an eye on! She was raised knowing a lot about the entertainment industry since her parents have been working in it since she can remember. From a young age, Iyana also always knew she wanted to live and work in the entertainment world and decided that acting was her calling. With her drive, passion, impressively beautiful personality, hard work and of course consistency, she knew in due time her dreams would become a reality.After leaving NY to relocate to Atlanta with her family, Iyana decided that a move to LA would be the best decision to become a working actress. Upon her arrival, instead of waiting around, she immediately began her hunt for agencies and do the work to figure out how she could make it out here in this competitive acting world. Since then, Iyana has booked a handful of commercials including McDonalds and Wendy's (people began calling her the taco salad girl!). She has been able to work alongside some phenomenal actors including Amy Adams,Vivica Fox, and Columbus Short to name a few!Iyana Halley definitely see's acting as a great outlet to communicate her creativity. read more

She loves being able to develop the characters the writers have created but also loves to bring them to life with her own flare. Thats what truly excites her!When Iyana isn't training or working, she loves designing! She took on sewing at a young age (taught by her grandmother) and fell in love with it! She has her own clothing brand called Haus of Halley where people order custom pieces. She loves being able to bring peoples visions to life. Look out for Iyana. She definitely has a bright future ahead of her!

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