Erika Christenson is a vibrant artist, strong advocate for LGBTQ identity, and a talented illustrator whose posters have an uplifting energy and charm. Her work captures the spirit of community, bringing people together through art. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Erika's work celebrates the unique and diverse cultures of her city. Her playful and artistic style has been featured in galleries and publications around the world. With her posters, you can instantly brighten the walls of any room! Make a statement in your home or office with Erika Christenson's beautiful posters and spread some love wherever you go. These vibrantly colored pieces are perfect for any space in need of a personality boost. Transform your space with Erika’s captivating artwork and spread joy with her uplifting message. Invest in Erika Christenson posters and help bring her message of unity, creativity, and acceptance to the world.