Aya Ueto is a Japanese actress, model, and singer. Born on September 14, 1985, Aya has acted in numerous popular dramas, movies, and variety shows. In 2003, she won the Japan Academy Prize for Best Newcomer in her first lead role in Azumi and went on to star in several other movies. In 2006, she enjoyed a breakout year with the hit drama Mare, which she also starred in. Aya has also released three albums along with some singles, and has branched out into business aspects, such as appearing as an image character for multiple products. She also has her own clothing line called AYA MODE. Aya is beloved in Japan for her carefree and positive attitude, which makes her well-loved by fans. If you’re a fan of Aya Ueto, look no further for the perfect decor to show your admiration! Brighten up your room with Aya Ueto posters. Get your hands on the highest-quality posters of Aya in her finest roles or of her cheerful personality. These vibrant posters bring out the best of Aya’s star power that made her fans fall in love with her! Get your Aya Ueto posters now and show off your love for your favorite superstar!