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Austin Majors posters


November 23, 1995

Birth Sign




Austin Majors is a scholar as well as an actor, skipping a grade, and getting high marks in all subjects. Austin graduated second in his high school class in 2013. He is currently studying at the University of Southern California where he attends the School of Cinematic Arts. He is majoring in Film and Television Production, minoring in Music Industry. Austin is a Brother of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. An avid outdoors-man, Austin is a Junior Assistant Scout Master in Boy Scouts. He has earned scouting's highest rank, obtaining the honor of Eagle Scout at the age of fourteen. Austin likes helping others and lends his support to a variety of charitable causes including Kids with a Cause, the Ronald McDonald House, and the Jonathan Jaques Childrens Cancer Center. When not in front of the camera, Austin enjoys making films of his own, backpacking, riding horses, attending concerts, traveling and playing sports. Austin received the Young Artists Award for Best Performance in a Television Series for his compelling work on NYPD Blue. read more

His work on Treasure Planet earned him another nomination for Best Performance in a Voice Over Role.

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