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Aurea Gonzalez posters


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Coming from a vibrant and electric Puerto Rican background, Aurea was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. She grew a passion for arts at an early age, writing poetry, and could usually be found either writing in a note book or singing and dancing in the center of a room. Her love for Acting developed at the age 8, after a school project gave her a first hand view of what goes into making a film. Though she had a challenging childhood--first being in foster care, while later becoming adopted--Aurea was able to overcome these emotional moments by delving into small projects at an early age. Her go-getter attitude pushed her to be a part of many short films, student projects, and theatre productions. In December of 2015, Aurea graduated with honors from the City College of New York in with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, having majored in Advertising and Public Relations and double minoring in Theatre and Journalism. Throughout her recent years, she has published several articles, winning a finalist Mark of Excellence Award from the Society of Professional Journalists in 2015 and has gone onto pursuing a variety of personal and professional passions. read more

She aspires to grow professionally as an artist, diving into all sorts of creative projects, and eventually open her own Artist Management Company with her own In-House Integrated Marketing Department. In the meantime, she continues to create work for herself and other artists like her. She hopes to make it huge in Entertainment! Stay tuned to see her portfolio lengthen!

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