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Audrey Quoturi posters


November 27, 1979

Birth Sign



5' 4" (1.63 m)


Audrey Quoturi was born in Lyon, France of Italian heritage. She attended Portsmouth University, England where she studied foreign languages. Encouraged by her godfather, a magician and tap dancer, she also studied Drama in Paris at Art'Aire Studio underneath acting coach Berengere Basty or with French actors like Jo Prestia and Antoine Basler. At the same time she started hair modeling for brands like Alexandre de Paris. She started her career on TV but she made her film debut in the movie "The Theory Of Love" directed by Jay Oswald and winner of the "Honorable Mention" at the 2013 Los Angeles Movie Awards.She also hosts a cooking show "L'Assiette Normande" on Demain! TV, LCN and MCE (French TV channels)

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