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Ashton Holloman posters


March 4, 1994

Birth Sign



6' 2" (1.88 m)


Known for starting his own production company while a student at The University of Texas at Austin, Ashton Holloman has produced multiple films while learning every aspect of the filmmaking process. He was born in Killeen, Texas and grew up on a small ranch. He spent his childhood playing football and learning to box with his coach Roland Cager. He first studied acting through an online masterclass taught by Dustin Hoffman. Inspired and moved by that class and the passion Dustin Hoffman brought to it, he subsequently took classes at The University of Texas in both improvisational drama with José Casa and acting with Elizabeth Doss. Continuing his pursuit, he studied acting for film in Austin with acting coaches Mona Lee, Marco Perella, and Will Wallace, then started his own film production company, Holloman Films, Inc. In addition to acting and filmmaking, he studies business and economics, invests in publicly traded companies, and takes classes in Krav Maga. He attended The University of Texas, where he studied Government and Economics. read more

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