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5' 7" (1.7 m)


Ashley Watkins is a full time professional actress & dancer residing in Hollywood, CA. She has worked in the entertainment industry for 5+ years now. Film-wise, she has had the opportunity to collaborate with directors & actors such as, Dante Basco, Michael Patrick King, Steve Antin, David Duchovny, Don Johnson, and has national distribution for her lead roles in 2 feature films.Dance-wise, she has been in over 20 music videos including; Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson, Enrique Iglesias, & LMFAO. She performed in LA Opera's 2011 show, 'Eugene Onegin' as a dancer/figure skater, and has made appearances on Network shows such as, Entourage, Castle, Californication, Undercovers, & The Neighbors.Ashley is in the current Fruit of the Looms National commercial airing as the principle conductor and also a runner in Skechers. She was also the spokesmodel for Toyota's 2 Scion Zeus national commercial campaigns for their new release car series.Having been born into the military lifestyle (her father served for 24 years in the Air Force) & moving from city to city, she has learned to adapt quickly, and easily overcome the high demands & hustle of the entertainment industry. read more

Her side passions and training include; figure skating (7yrs competitive), aerial acrobatics, fire spinning, & running.

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