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Ashley Noel posters


January 3, 1985

Birth Sign



5' 4½" (1.64 m)


Born and raised in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Ashley had an immediate passion for the center stage. After years of dance, theatre, gymnastics, piano, golf, and tennis, she set her sights on attending the University of Miami. While double majoring in Advertising and Psychology, with a minor in Theatre, Ashley was a member of the Sunsations dance team, a Delta Gamma, and member of Ring Theatre and QuantUM. She was also fortunate enough to begin her film career in Miami, with her first lead in the indie feature, "Exploring Love".Ashley then spent a summer studying at UCLA in their advanced acting program, where she found a love of Los Angeles. She admits, the city always kept her busy, and for her, it was a challenge! She graduated early and made the move to Los Angeles, where she began working in film and theatre. Ashley kept studying as well, as believes acting is no different than a sport, and requires constant practice to improve your craft.She possesses an incredible passion for acting, and believe the ability to make people emote is truly a gift. read more

Ashley recently found a love for filmmaking, production, writing and directing.Ashley is also co-owner of "The UnYted" which is a positive-branded, socially conscious media company geared towards Generation Y females. Their goal is education, enlightenment, and empowerment. The group is also philanthropically based, encouraging people to volunteer themselves for the good of humanity.Ashley considers herself to have been blessed with a beautiful, loving, and supportive family. Her mother and father serve as her backbone, and day after day provide her the strength and encouragement to keep reaching for the stars, and remind Ashley to never settle for less than her absolute best.

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