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Ashley Campuzano posters


March 10, 1992

Birth Sign



5' 3" (1.6 m)


Ashley Campuzano; born and raised in a quite/unique community in the heart of Southern California by the name of Downey. Since a very young age Ashley has always been adventurous and outgoing; always caught dancing to her favorite songs and acting out characters from her favorite television shows. Ashley's start into the entertainment business started when she was 8 years old. She began taking dance classes and cheerleading for a local team. At the age of 12 she got scouted at a mall where she began auditioning for commercials and print work, it was right then when Ashley had indulged another favorite hobby.While being heavily involved with her school ASB program and high school nationally ranked cheer squad she went on to win her first title as Miss Teen Downey in 2007. Following that Ashley continued doing multiple pageants where she soon was crowned Miss Teen California Latina 2008. She also competed in the national competition for Miss Teen US Latina held in El Paso, Texas where Ashley placed 2nd runner-up. read more

Ashley continued doing pageants where she soon ran for Miss Teen California USA 2010 and placed on the top 15. Soon after Ashley moved a different direction to give acting another shot because she realized she really enjoyed it to the point where she could possibly make it into a career. She went on to do her last pageant in 2010 where she was crowned Miss Downey, which she then appeared on her city's float in the yearly famous Rose Parade in Pasadena.This young lady has always stayed busy and on top of that still managed to keep her acting career active. Ashley soon graduated high school and auditioned to be a professional sports cheerleader for the MLS soccer team CHIVAS USA. From 2010-2012 Ashley was a CHIVA Girl for the professional soccer team. Ashley really enjoyed her job as a professional sports cheerleader. Even though Ashley had her hands filled with cheering at games, auditions, and acting classes she still managed to go to college where she is a recent graduate of the California State University of Los Angeles with a bachelor's degree in Communications.Ashley has studied with many great acting coaches in Hollywood including Aaron Speiser, Margie Haber, Deborah Barylski, Susan Rumor, Zak Bennett, and Gary Spatz. Ashley has also done several print jobs and commercials along with a few things in Television and Film. She is of Mexican descent and a fluent Spanish speaker. Ashley cannot be more excited to be apart of the new cast of "East Los High" season 2. She plays the role of Tiffany, and is so thrilled of what the future holds in her career.

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