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Ashley Bornancin posters


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Ashley Bornancin is an award-winning actress, writer and producer. Hailing from the UCB comedy world, she is known for her quick wit and comedic timing. Beyond her work in television, film and animation, she is a firm believer in producing your own content, and co-created the original award-winning series, We're NOT Friends with Don DiPetta. The comedy duo have received praised for not only their acting, but their writing and producing, and have won multiple awards on the festival circuit. Season one of We're NOT Friends is currently streaming online and season two of the heartfelt series is already underway.Bornancin is also an Alzheimer's Advocate and created the documentary, "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" published my Maria Shriver, sharing her family's story through her mom's illness. She believes sharing stories are powerful and can lead to global change.

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