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Ashleigh Hubbard posters


December 18, 1982

Birth Sign



5' 5" (1.65 m)


Born in Toronto, Ontario, Elizabeth Ashleigh Hubbard began acting in theatre at the age of 10. She starred as Prissy Andrews in Anne of Green Gables and Gladys Herdman in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Ashleigh then went on to star as Cinderella in the theatrical version in Toronto, Ontario at the age of 12.Ashleigh attended University in 2001 and earned her undergraduate degree in Anthropology in 2004.In 2005, Ashleigh started performing full-time and landed many coveted roles. Her first guest starring role was on "Lovebites," a micro-series centering on the lives of a young witty couple and aired on TBS.Shortly after, Ashleigh landed the lead on "Punched Up", a comedy-reality series produced by the Comedy Network. She then appeared on the hit Canadian drama, "Murdoch Mysteries" airing on CityTV.In 2007, Ashleigh starred in the hit comedy, American Pie presents: Beta House as "Tiffany", a former sex addict whose good girl persona quickly faded after falling for Dwight Stifler. This Universal Picture Film, in which Hubbard appears front & center on the DVD moved her forward into other lead and supporting movies roles including the Canadian Indie hit, Puckhogs, directed by Warren P. read more

Sonoda.Ashleigh also appeared opposite Jude Law and Forrest Whitaker in the Film, Repossession Mambo, another Universal Pictures production based on the Novel by Eric Garcia.Ms. Hubbard was also a Spokesmodel/Actress for four episodes of "Howie Do It", the NBC Series starring Howie Mandel. The series featured practical jokes in the vein of earlier shows like "Punk'd" - and once the farce was exposed, Howie Mandel appeared to deliver the show's punch line, "This is Howie Do It!"Ashleigh was then cast in the role of "Blonde" in the hit superhero film, "Kick-Ass" which grossed over $96,000,000 and was directed by Matthew Vaughn ("Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels," and co-produced by Brad Pitt. Working alongside Christopher Mintz-Plasse "Superbad" and Nicholas Cage, Hubbard filmed this role in London, England.Hubbard then landed the supporting role of "Pepper" in the 2010 Lionsgate produced Martial Art Feature Film, "Unrivaled." The film was such a success that it was chosen for various international film festivals, including the Las Vegas International Film Festival and The Reel World Film Festival in Toronto.Next, Hubbard landed the supporting dramatic role of "Kristy" in the Indie Feature, "Mr.Viral" slated to hit the festival circuit in 2012.

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