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Ashla Soter posters


July 22, 1996

Birth Sign



5' 6" (1.68 m)


When it comes to the craft of acting and the patience of perfecting each performance, no one knows this better than Ashla. From the early age of 8 years old Ashla has always dreamt of making a career for herself by entertaining others. By the time she was 15 she began pursuing acting for the camera while attending acting classes in Dallas, TX and soon after, began booking roles for herself in several independent projects. It is however not the amount of time Ashla has been working to make a life out of acting that makes her so unique but the dedication she puts into each performance. From vigorously writing notes all over her script, to asking in depth questions to the director; Ashla creates the most deep and 3 dimensional characters that any filmmaker could ever ask for. Her time and tireless effort and the ability to make decisions for herself and trust thinking outside of the box speaks already from her impressive and large resume body of work. However, it is not just Ashla's acting etiquette that drives every director to want to hire her again, but it is also her heart. read more

When Ashla arrives on set, warm welcomes with a "no ego" attitude is given to not only the cast but also the entire crew. Her appreciation for everybody's work is above and beyond what is usually expected and her gratitude at the end of the day towards her co workers is un matched in kindness and love. Now living in Los Angeles, Ashla is ready to take the next step into the acting world by expanding her horizons to it's fullest potential and letting nothing stand in her way from achieving her dreams.

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