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Asante Jones posters


August 3, 1968

Birth Sign



5' 10" (1.78 m)


Though now living in Los Angeles, Asante hails from Cleveland, Ohio. Acting has been his life long dream. At the age of seven, he visited his cousin, Greg Morris of Mission Impossible fame, in Beverly Hills. He remembers distinctly thinking, "whatever he did to get a pool in his back yard, I'm doing it."Born in 1968, Asante graduated from John Marshall High School in 1986. He then spent four years at Cleveland's world famous Karamu House Theater, the theater home of Langston Hughes. Honing his skills as both an actor and a lighting technician, the latter skill allowed him to go on tour with Shelly Garrett Entertainment in November of 1992 with the raucously funny Beauty Shop Part 2. While on tour, Asante's room mate was Academy Award Nominee, Michael Clarke Duncan. Asante finally made it to LA in September of 1996. After about ten months of effort, he decided to go to Singapore with Disney as the Master Electrician of DisneyFest Asia, which was the largest tour on the planet at the time. read more

Returning to LA in March of 1998, Asante began making some inroads in his 'Hollywood' acting career. Appearing in Starring and Supporting roles in several low budget films, he was able to develop a resume and gain invaluable on camera experience. More recently, Asante has stepped up to the plate by guest-starring on TV shows such as Naval CIS (with Mark Harmon), I'm With Her (with Teri Polo and David Sutcliffe) and Malcolm in the Middle (with Frankie Muniz). Also look for his earlier appearance on Diagnosis Murder. Asante is also actively working to sell his screenplay, Undying Love, while working on his second screenplay.

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