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Artur Stofel posters


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Artur Stofel is a Polish-Canadian actor based in Vancouver.Art and artistic expression have played a key role in Artur's life since he was very young. His fascination with the stillness of drawing and painting led to his being inspired by comic books and cartoons. Much later this interest was to be transferred to film making, screenwriting and ultimately acting.It was initially a conversation with his mother that planted the seed of the idea of being an actor, though it was not until he turned 21 that he actually took his first steps in the craft. His interest in acting was ignited when he was involved in working with trained actors while he was studying at a Viennese film school. Then, while working on the script for his first short film 'Rockbiz', his focus shifted towards the creation of characters and he became particularly interested in how they express their emotional state.He was reminded of his childhood dream to be Batman when he grew up - and how, when he had expressed this to his mother at the time, she had told him he could be anything or anyone he wanted to be if he were to become an actor. read more

Thus, he took the leap and moved to Vancouver, Canada, to follow his passion to study acting.Artur's approach towards his craft, and towards life and people in general has been shaped by his childhood years growing up in the Austrian countryside and this is reflected in the truthfulness and joy he brings to his acting.

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