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Artine Brown posters


August 18, 1974

Birth Sign



6' (1.83 m)


Artine Tony Duane Ross Brown, grew up in the steel town of Hamilton, Ontario. He was an extremely shy kid who barely spoke when in social circumstances. It took one acting class to change that.He began his acting career on stage doing a rendition of Mark Twain's, Huckleberry Finn in which he played Tom Sawyer. The first few minutes were to have Mr. Brown whistling around the stage but he couldn't whistle. He planted a friend backstage and carefully bounced around lip syncing to his buddies tune. Even the director never knew that he was doing this. Artine quickly realized that this was for him.He dabbled with acting at an early age but never really had the resources to pursue it. Upon graduating high school, Artine decided that his University years would be on the road. He and his friends bought a VW bus and for five years, traveled North America following the Grateful Dead. That road ended in 1995 on the west coast.With not knowing what to do next, Artine had a run in with Robin Williams and life changed after that. read more

He started taking classes at the William Davis Studio and The Gastown Actors Studio. He then decided to enroll at the Vancouver Film School where he graduated the following year. Since then Artine has been acting, writing, directing and coaching kids in the film and theater industry.Artine Brown is a character actor represented with Connekt Creative Agency.

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